Rock Your World

An  innovative, project-based middle / high school curriculum, Rock Your World inspires students to ask bold questions about the challenges they see in their neighborhoods, communities and the world around them and then engages them in the development of advocacy campaigns designed to overcome those challenges.

Starting with a basic understanding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the program engages students in a variety of research techniques designed to help them become aware and informed about an issue of their choice. Next, students study tactics and techniques employed by successful campaigns and then create and pitch their own advocacy campaigns via one or more of the creative outlets of their choice: making films, writing persuasively or writing songs.

Flexible, free and fully aligned with Common Core State Standards, Rock Your World offers more than 70 lessons from which teachers can choose, depending on their instructional goals and students’ interests and needs.  Sponsored by the Creative Visions’ Foundation and inspired by the remarkable life of Dan Eldon, Rock Your World  is free and available for download on this website.

Creative Visions

Inspired by the life of Reuters’ photojournalist Dan Eldon, killed in Somalia in 1993, Creative Visions Foundation was launched by his mother and sister, Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon Turteltaub, in 1998 as a publicly supported 501(c)3 organization. CV has become the world’s premier agency, supporting “creative activists” who use media and the arts to spark awareness of critical issues and ignite social change.

Creative Visions has incubated more than 200 projects, including award-winning films and documentaries that have impacted 100 million people on six continents. We are proud of our extraordinary tribe of courageous individuals who use art, music, theater, dance, social media and film to champion important social, environmental and humanitarian issues and move people to get off their backsides and do something to change the world around them for the better.

In 2003, CV produced Global Tribe, a three-part PBS series presented by Amy Eldon, which focused on people seeking solutions to local challenges. In 2008, CV launched Rock Your World, Dr. Marien’s common-core based curriculum teaching creative activism to middle/high school students across the United States. Since then the curriculum has been adopted by educators throughout the world who value its flexibility and appeal to youth.

Dan Eldon Legacy

Dan Eldon Legacy honors the life and work of artist, adventurer and activist, Dan Eldon.  During Dan’s abbreviated life, he lit sparks, that after his death, illuminated the paths of hundreds of thousands of people.

In summer 2015, production wrapped on The Journey is the Destination, the feature film about Dan, shot on location in South Africa and Kenya, and directed by Bronwen Hughes, (Forces of Nature and Stander).  Filled with laughter and wit, along with a dash of rebellion, the film tells the story of a young man struggling to realize his purpose, his place in the world, and his belief in the role of individuals to create positive change.

The Dan Eldon Legacy continually tries to uphold and inspire with Dan’s Mission Statement of “Safari as a Way of Life”: “To explore the unknown and familiar, distant and near and to record in detail with the eyes of a child, any beauty, (of the flesh or otherwise), horror, irony, traces of utopia or Hell.  Select your team with care, but when in doubt, take on some new crew and give them a chance.”