Lesson 3
Get Started - Becoming Informed

Learning Various Ways
to Research Answers to
Your Questions


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Match methods of research to various research questions.
  • Develop and implement a research plan.


Students will learn various methods of researching the answers to the questions they have identified.

Guiding Questions:

  • Besides internet searches, what methods of research can help me be aware and informed?
  • Is it beneficial to use multiple methods of research?

Recommended Time:

45 minutes

Common Core State Standards:




Student generated research questions

Ways to Conduct Research Handout


Technology Required:


Lesson Design:

  • Ask students to convene with their groups, bringing along the research questions they have developed.
  • Distribute and go over the Ways to Conduct Research handout with students.
  • Model for students how you might use other methods of research, besides using media, to learn about an issue of interest to you.
  • In their groups, students discuss and determine opportunities to utilize alternate methods of research, and make plans to proceed with this process.
  • Groups share their new research plans with the class.