Lesson 6
Take Action- Creating Campaigns

Creating a Campaign Theme


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Collaborate to compose an original name, logo and slogan for their campaign


In this lesson, students begin to think about the overall theme of their own campaign as they analyze the elements – name, logo, and slogan – of campaigns that they deem especially powerful.

Guiding Questions:

  • How is an effective campaign designed?

Recommended Time:

45 minutes

Common Core State Standards:




Name/Logo/Slogan/Theme Handout


Technology Required:



Lesson Design:

  • Explain that effective campaigns have an overall theme that ties all of the parts of the campaign together, and a campaign’s name, logo and slogan are linked to the theme of the campaign.

– A logo is a unique symbol or design that represents a company or organization.
– A slogan is a distinctive phrase or motto for a party, a group, a company or a person. It is a ‘catch-phrase.’

  • Distribute and review the Name/Logo/Slogan/Theme handout with students, discussing examples of logos and slogans.
  • Students work in groups to brainstorm possible campaign names, logos and slogans.
  • Students should come to class the following day prepared with a list of ideas for their group and, if applicable, reflect on the choice their group made.