Lesson 11
Take Action - Creating Campaigns

Creating Visuals for
Formal Pitches


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Collaborate to create visuals for their formal pitch


Students learn how to use presentation tools and visuals to support their presentation. They also will be introduced to the Creative Activist Toolkit, “Perfect Your Pitch”.

Guiding Questions:

  • How can visuals enhance the meaning and message of a pitch?

Recommended Time:

90 – 135 minutes

Common Core State Standards:




‘Perfect Your Pitch’ Creative Activist Toolkit


Technology Required:

Computers recommended


Lesson Design:

  • Explain that visuals strengthen a formal pitch when they are used in meaningful ways.
  • Often, presenters will create a visual tool to complement their pitch. Use PowerPoint, Smartboard Notebooks or Google Presentation to support your pitch with visual aides. A well-crafted visual aide is not a script, but a visual tool that guides and complements a presentation.
  • Guide students on how to access ‘Perfect Your Pitch’, a Creative Activist Toolkit, that will support them in creating an effective and inspiring pitch.
  • Groups will use “Perfect Your Pitch” to start crafting their own presentation materials. Groups should delegate responsibilities among their members in preparation for developing their pitch.