Lesson 16
Take Action - Creating Campaigns

Creating Visuals for
Informal Pitches


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Collaborate to create visuals for their informal pitch


Students learn how to use presentation tools and visuals to support their presentation. They also will be introduced to a Creative Activist Toolkit, “Perfect Your Pitch”.

Guiding Questions:

  • How can visuals enhance the meaning and message of a pitch?

Recommended Time:

90 – 135 minutes

Common Core State Standards:



‘Perfect Your Pitch’ Creative Activist Toolkit


Technology Required:

Computers recommended


Lesson Design:

  • Explain that visuals strengthen an informal pitch when they are used in meaningful ways.
  • Often, presenters will create a visual tool to complement their pitch. Use PowerPoint, Smartboard Notebooks or Google Presentation to support your pitch with visual aides. A well-crafted visual aide is not a script, but a visual tool that guides and complements a presentation.
  • Guide students on how to access ‘Perfect Your Pitch’, a Creative Activist Toolkit, that will support them in creating an effective and inspiring pitch.
  • Groups will use “Perfect Your Pitch” to start crafting their own presentation materials. Groups should delegate responsibilities among their members in preparation for developing their pitch.