Lesson 4
Get Started - Finding An Issue of Interest

Finding Inspiration in a
Film and the Movement it


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Envision themselves as change-makers who act to tell a story that they feel must be shared.
  • Understand interconnectedness between issues.


Students will view various film clips and identify issues they want to research further.

Guiding Questions:

What human rights issues am I compelled to learn more about?

Why do I feel compelled to learn about specific issues?

What compels me to take action and how can I tell an effective story?

Recommended Time:

90 minutes

Common Core State Standards:






Living on One: The Change Series


Technology Required:

  1. Computers with internet access and projection capability
  2. Headphones for each student


Lesson Design:

  • Explain to students how film is one medium that has an incredible power to touch us, transport us, and motivate us.
  • Watch the introduction to the Change Series.
  • After watching the introduction, explain that it — and the segments that follow — originated from the feature length documentary “Living on One”. During the film’s production, the filmmakers identified and highlighted several issues relating to extreme poverty: water, nutrition, disaster, employment, finance, and education. They developed the Change Series as a resource for students to learn more about those specific issues.
  • Instruct students to watch several of the Change Series episodes, using the following questions to take notes about each:What did you learn?

1.  What did you learn?
2.  What are you thinking?
3.  What questions do you have?

  • Students come together in small groups to share and discuss their new learning and thinking.