Lesson 7
Take Action - Making Films

Production: Filming


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Put ideas into place
  • Collaborate on filming for their PSA


In this lesson about production, students are given filming tips and taught the basics of uploading footage.

Guiding Questions:

  • What happens during production?
  • How can we prepare for an effective production?

Recommended Time:

90 -180 minutes - Depending on how sophisticated your students’ use of video editing already is and the time you have available, you can break this lesson up in a number of ways. You may go over all the tips in one class or break them up as you see fit.

Common Core State Standards:



Production Tips Handout

Technology Required:

  • Computers with video editing software
  • Video cameras

Lesson Design:

  • Distribute and review Production Tips handout.
  • Consider modeling for students how you would put some of the production tips into place.
  • If necessary, model for students how to upload footage onto computers.
  • Groups work on filming and uploading footage.