Step 3
Rock Your World - Social Action Toolkit

Imagining Solutions


1. Decide what kind of action you want to take. Actions might focus on education, fundraising, awareness, or mobilization

  • Do you want to raise awareness? If you do, you might decide to develop a project that will educate people about the issue. Possible ideas include building a website, creating a public service announcement or speaking to groups about the issue.
  • Do you want to raise money? If you do, you might decide to develop a fundraising campaign. One idea might be to identify an organization and research the work they are doing to address your cause. Determine if this is the right organization to support. Decide on a way to raise money to support this organization.
  • Do you want to get people moving? If you do, then a project that focuses on mobilization is for you. You might decide to organize a letter-writing campaign or a petition to enact change for your cause.

2. Imagine solutions and make a decision

  • Revisit your ‘Decision Making’ chart and consider how you answered the question: What would we like to see happen? Has your thinking changed now that you are more informed about your issue?
  • Brainstorm ideas for actions you can take to make positive change.
  • As you share possibilities, consider your particular talents and skills as well as resources you have available to help turn ideas into action.
  • Make a commitment to how you will take action. What will you do? How will you do it?


Options Explosion Routine

Extension Possibilities:

Try using an Options Explosion Routine to tap into some ideas for creative action.